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Happy World Snake Day!!!

Discussione sull'argomento Happy World Snake Day!!! contenuta nel forum English Corner, nella categoria International Section; The Importance of Snakes: Snakes are vital in controlling crops damaging preys such as rats and mice. Venom is removed ...

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    Predefinito Happy World Snake Day!!!

    The Importance of Snakes:

    Snakes are vital in controlling crops damaging preys such as rats and mice. Venom is removed from snakes for use in treating certain diseases and to make antivenin for snakebites.

    Snakes are one of the several groups of reptiles. They have long, slender bodies, no legs, no eyelids, no ears, and are covered in back-folded skin sections called scales. Like other reptiles, they use their surrounding heat to regulate their body temperature. Snakes’ flexible bodies allow them to stretch out to warm themselves, curl up to conserve body heat, or just warm a particular part of their bodies. They are found on land and in water, as well as in every habitat imaginable, except where it is very cold.

    Do you know that some snakes can move faster than humans?
    Black Mamba can travel at speeds up to 12 mph compared to the average human who can run at about 6-8 mph. However, snakes on the whole are slower than humans as they have less stamina.

    Interesting Facts about Snakes:

    • An angry snake often curls up in an *S’ shape
    • If a cobra raises its head, it doesn’t mean it is angry, unless the angry cobra expands its head
    • Snake’s eyes are covered by clear scales rather than movable eyelids; therefore, their eyes are always open
    • Snakes have thermal vision, they see heat and movements
    • Snakes cannot taste anything, and does not chew
    • They repeatedly flick out their narrow, forked tongue to bring odours to their sense organ in the mouth
    • Snakes might not eat also during shedding
    • Snakes use Lateral Undulation, moving in wave like motion, in water and on land
    • Viper on the other hand will side-wind or move its body segments in one direction while remaining contact with the ground

    Hopefully with more awareness raised on our gliding cohabitants here, more compassion hence more lives can be spared on one of the most misunderstood creatures in our planet! HAPPY WORLD SNAKE DAY!

    Due to urbanization hitting up in Penang and the generally bad impression the public has of snakes, snakes have been dying off at alarming numbers. Snakes losing their habitat often find new snake dens in gardens, chicken pens or basements. This puts snakes in danger of coming into contact with humans as almost all such encounters will result in the snakes being killed on sight. There have been instances where snakes “trespass” on human habitations causing some destruction and having their heads smashed off as a result. Vigilante such as this can be avoided if people are more aware of snake behaviours. The general consensus is fear, people kill to protect themselves from what they see as threats.

    Despite appearances, snakes are quite harmless. Most snakes are not venomous and would escape rather than attack when confronted with humans.

    Pope's Pit viper © Korda Jiri

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    Non ho neanche quella sulla pancia..
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    Predefinito Re: Happy World Snake Day!!!

    Happy world snake day to everyone!
    "La cosa che colpisce di più in assoluto di Drakul è la sua completa incoerenza nel rispondere. Gli si chiede "Che ore sono?" e lui ti risponde "No grazie, non fumo". Incredibile" (Cit. Ric Qua al VR)

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